Rover 2006 -2017

Anyone who had visited our offices over the last eleven and a half years will probably have been greeted by our most popular colleague, Rover. A beautiful Golden Retriever with his big wet nose, friendly waggy tail and a white fur coat that would get everywhere, it was not advised to wear dark clothing around him.

When the intercom buzzed he would run around excitedly letting everyone know we had a visitor, just incase no one else had heard it. The first to greet everyone at the door and to do a good inspection to check if they had any food on them.

He reminded us when it was lunchtime and was happy to share sandwiches, crisps or whatever food we had. He would then stand at the door making sure it was known that it was time to go out for a walk, come rain or shine, and being Manchester more often than not it was rain….

Recently Rover’s health deteriorated quickly and we knew it was time to say goodbye. The hardest decision anyone has to make.

The office is much a quieter place, possibly nicer smelling and lacking a water bowl by my desk. You could not have asked for a better companion to share your days with and our lives are much better for having spent the time we had with him.

We miss you boy.