CD Card Wallets & Printing Disc Only or with Sleeves

CD Card Wallets / sleeves are still one of the most post popular types of CD packaging. The CD card sleeves are lighter and cheaper than Digi style packaging, making them ideal for promos or selling at gigs.

For those who are creating their own bespoke CD packaging and only require CD printing, then we are more than happy to supply the disc’s bulk wrapped for you to pack or in PVC sleeves.

All of our disc are manufactured in one of the most advanced fully automated factories in Europe on large CD pressing and printing machines. We do not print discs using ink jet printers like CD duplication companies, all CD printing is either silk screen or offset litho, produced to the highest standards. This type of printing will ensure that the inks will not smudge or deteriorate over time and will look as good in 20 years as when they came off press. We can also print CD’s with special gloss or matt varnishes.

You can find more information on CD design & printing techniques on our blog. This will help you create truly eye catching designs.

Another popular option is to supply CD in clear 5″ PVC/ Plastic wallets. These are often used for promotion and are ideal for demo purposes. Clear 5″ Wallets can also be supplied with adhesive strips for attaching to books,  magazines or other types of promotional products.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail should you have any questions or require larger quantities than those list below.

cd printing
CD Card Wallets
Disc Only Option For Your Own Packaging
High Quality Disc Printing
Wallets Are Perfect Weight For Postage

CD Disc Only & CD Wallet & Sleeve Prices

About Disc Only

The disc only option is delivered with the discs bulk wrapped ready for you to insert into your own CD packaging. The disc is pressed from stampers made from the glass mastering process and is printed silk screen or full colour off-set litho.

About Our PVC Sleeves

If you want the discs supplied in a PVC wallets we can provide high-grade PVC wallets with or without a flap. We can also supply PVC wallets with adhesive glue strips that can be attached to brochures or books.

About Our Card Wallets

The CD Card wallet is still our most popular product for promos and very popular for singles and E.P’s. The wallets are printed full colour durable finish.

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The CD replication costs on this page are for our most popular products. If you can’t find what you need or you have any questions about our CD replication services you can call us on 0161 833 0099 or use the contact form to get in touch.

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  • Artwork & Master Check

    Artwork and master are checked for common issues.

  • Glass Mastering

    Up to 79 minutes and 40 Seconds

  • Replicated CD

    Printed up to full colour (off-set litho or Silk Screen)


    Courier delivery to one UK Mainland Destination

  • CD In Card Wallet / Sleeve
    Printed Full Colour
  • CD manufacturing
    CD manufacturing
  • 100 Units @ £ 296.00 + VAT
    / £ 355.20Inc VAT
  • 200 Units @ £ 328.00 + VAT
    / £ 393.60 Inc VAT
  • 300 Units @ £ 368.00 + VAT
    / £ 441.60 Inc VAT
  • 500 Units @ £ 410.00 + VAT
    / £ 492.00 Inc VAT
  • 1000 Units @ £ 560.00 + VAT
    / £ 672.00 Inc VAT
  • 2000+ Contact Us For Prices
  • CD Disc Only
    (Bulk Wrapped)
  • CD Printing Disc Only
  • 100 Units @ £ 241.00 + VAT
    / £ 289.20 Inc VAT
  • 200 Units @ £ 263.00 + VAT
    / £ 315.60 Inc VAT
  • 300 Units @ £ 294.00 + VAT
    / £ 352.80 Inc VAT
  • 500 Units @ £ 340.00 + VAT
    / £ 408.00 Inc VAT
  • 1000 Units @ £ 475.00 + VAT
    / £ 570.00 Inc VAT
  • 2000+ Contact Us For Prices

Optional Add-ons

Creating A CD Master From WAV / AIFF Files

If you do not have the equipment and software or do not feel confident creating your CD master, we can create a master from your data files for £ 30.00 + VAT / £ 36.00 Inc VAT.

We prefer to receive WAV or AIFF files at 44.1Khz / 16 Bit, although we can accept higher sample rates and bit depths if required. If you have any special instructions about adding gaps / pauses between tracks or segways please leave a note in the folder. We can add the CD Text and ISRC codes when creating the master. 

Once we have created your CD master we will send you a DDP file with a custom media player for you to download so you can check that you are happy with the master. If we are creating your CD master please add 2 – 4 days to the standard turnaround time.

Please note that we do not adjust the EQ or dynamics when creating your master. If you need “creative mastering” with audio enhancements we can recommend various professional mastering studios that we work closely with.that we work closely with.

Add A Barcode

We can add an EAN 13 barcode to your artwork for £ 20.00 + VAT / £ 24.00 Inc VAT. A barcode is essential for distribution in physical and most online shops.

Our minimum size for a barcode is 25 x 12.5mm and it can be printed anywhere on the back panel of the packaging. We advise leaving a 2 -3mm gutter from the edge of the panel. If you need a precise placement of the barcode you can add a white box of a minimum size of 25 x 12.5mm and we will drop the barcode image in that box.

If you are adding your own barcode to the packaging it is strongly advised that it is a black only vector image and the barcode image is not changed from the generated / original size. We can add your barcode image using our software to ensure it scans correctly for £ 10.00 + VAT / £ 12.00 Inc VAT

We strongly advise barcodes to be printed as black only on a white background. Once the barcode has been added we will send you a proof to check that you are happy with the placement.


Shrink-wrap adds a protective seal and professional look to your finished CD. Many physical and online shops need stock to be supplied with wrap. 

If storing the CD’s for a prolonged period of time shrink-wrap can prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt, keeping the apcaking looking fresh and new. Shrink-wrap is charged at 4p per CD + VAT

100 Units£ 4.00 + VAT / £ 4.80 Inc VAT
200 Units£ 8.00 + VAT / £ 9.60 Inc VAT
300 Units£ 12.00 + VAT / £ 14.40 Inc VAT
500 Units£ 20.00 + VAT / £ 24.40 Inc VAT
1000 Units£ 40.00 + VAT / £ 48.00 Inc VAT
2000 Units£ 80.00 + VAT / £ 96.00 Inc VAT

Colour Proofs

If you require colour accurate / contract proofs we can provide these at additional cost. We can do A4 and A3 proofs, please contact us for prices. 

You will need to allow additional time for us to create the proofs, send them to you, and for you to return them to us. We would normally recommend adding 4 working days to the CD Manufacturing turnaround if you require contract proofs.

As all of our CD printing is produced on large printing presses, it is not economical to set the machines up to produce a one-off copy of the printed parts.

Without contract proofs our printers will print to weight.

CD manufacturing

Artwork Re-supply

All artwork files are checked and we will advise of issues we find that will need correcting. We will check re-supplied files for up to two revisions free of cost. Subsequent checks and proofs are subject to a £ 20.00 + VAT / £ 24.00 Inc VAT fee for each re-supply.

In some cases we may be able to correct the files to fit the specification and we will advise on the costs to do this.

CD manufacturing
Vinyl Look CD
CD manufacturing

With the resurgence of vinyl we can offer CD’s with a vinyl look with real grooves on the surface of the disc. This is a free of cost option on the products above.

Further Information

Below you will find information about CD Digifiles and DigiSleeves and the elements that are included in our prices. You can find more technical information on our blog, if you cant find the information you need on our site, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Our Package Rates

All of the above CD package prices are for what we refer to as “shop ready” CD product. What this means is that the job will be delivered retail ready with the job fully packaged, the with a barcode (if required, but recommended).

We only manufacture CD’s pressed from stampers made using the glass mastering process, we do not duplicate CD’s on recordable discs. All masters go through a thorough inspection prior to glass mastering to ensure the data is not corrupted and the master conforms to Red Book standard.
The maximum running time for an Audio CD is 80 minutes, we are unable to exceed this time under any circumstances. The maximum data for CD ROM is 650mb.
The above prices also include the manufacture of Enhanced CD (Audio + Data). If you have a large amount of audio and data to be pressed on the CD please contact us to calculate the maximum audio running time with the data required.

The above prices are for our standard card CD wallets and include printing full colour on the front and rear of the wallet (4/0) with a gloss or silk finish. Depending on the orientation of the artwork the wallets can side or top opening. The material used for wallets is 200g white back card, made from 70 – 90% recycled board, with the rest of the material certified “durable management” by the FSC and PEFC.

Our standard wallet can be packed with a CD booklet from 2 – 8 pages in size. Please note we do not shrink-wrap CD card wallets as standard.

Our CD PVC Wallets use high grade material and can be supplied with or without a flap. We can also provide PVC wallets with adhesive glue strips to be attached to books, magazines or brochures.

All prices include delivery to 1 UK mainland address, if you require delivery to multiple addresses please add £ 25.00 + VAT per extra delivery address regardless of quantity. Please contact us for prices for delivery to any non mainland UK addresses. We can also deliver internationally, prices available on request.

From approval of your CD master and artwork, allow approximately 12-14 calendar days for delivery. All deliveries take place Monday – Friday only. If we are to add a barcode to your artwork or add ISRC codes / CD Text to your CD master, allow 1-2 working days to edit the files and supply proofs / reference.

Turnaround time during the busiest periods (Christmas and Summer) can be slightly longer, also allow a couple of extra days if production is over a bank holiday.


Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words, however we think to appreciate the quality of our DVD & CD manufacturing there is nothing like seeing a sample in your hand.

If you would like us to send you a sample of some our the previous products we have manufactured, please fill in the form at the top of the page and we would be more than happy to send you a sample to check out yourself.

We do this because we are certain that you will be impressed with the quality of our work


If you still cant find what you need call us on 0161 833 0099 or use the form on the top of the page to contact us.

The CD & DVD prices on our site are for our most popular products. However we can produce a wide range of other packaging and larger quantities. So whatever you are looking for, we are pretty sure we can supply it.

If you have any technical query’s on supplying artwork or masters, one of our team of advisers will be able to answer all of your questions.

About Pure Music……

Pure Music Manufacturing was established in 1991 to meet the demands of the North West music industry. Since then our client base has extended across the country and to cover large areas of Europe. We have a proud history and have worked with some of the largest artists, bands and record labels in the world.

During the last 20 years we have gained a huge amount of experience in all areas of Vinyl, DVD and CD pressing. Our professional service and advice has been the main reason why clients have kept on coming back for a all these years.