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OVER 25 YEARS OF CD Manufacturing and Printing

We have worked with some of the biggest bands, artists and record labels in the world. Professional advice comes as standard.

CD | DVD | VINYL Packaging

High quality printing for DVD & CD Booklets, CD Card wallets and digipaks. Our DVD & CD printing services include full colour print on all of our packaging. We use eco friendly inks and finishes and FSC approved sustainable and recycled card and paper

CD | DVD | VINYL Pressing & Printing

Professional CD Manufacturing, cheap prices. All CD & DVD’s are pressed using stampers made by the glass mastering process with high quality CD printing, silk screen or offset litho, all pressed in one of the largest factories in Europe.


Below you will find links to our CD manufacturing prices, we have split the prices into package sections to simplify finding the product you need. These package rates are for our most popular products with prices from 300 – 2000 units on most products. Of course we can supply a huge array of other types of CD pressing packaging and larger quantities. If you can’t find what you’re looking for we would ask you to contact us for a competitive quote.

CD manufacturing

CD In 4 Panel DigiFile

Replicated CD printed full colour in DigiFile Printed Full Colour
Delivered Shop Ready With Barcode And Shrink-Wrap
300 Units @ £ 445.00 + VAT Or 500 Units @ £ 525.00 + VAT

CD manufacturing

CD In Album Cases

With 4 Page Booklet & Inlay Printed Full Colour
Delivered Shop Ready With Barcode And Shrink-Wrap
500 Units @ £ 450.00 + VAT Or 1000 Units @ £ 540.00 + VAT

CD manufacturing

CD In 4 Panel DigiPak

Replicated CD printed full colour in DigiPak Printed Full Colour
Delivered Shop Ready With Barcode And Shrink-Wrap
300 Units @ £ 485.00 + VAT Or 500 Units @ £ 565.00 + VAT

CD manufacturing

CD In Card Wallet

Printed Full Colour On High Quality Cardboard
Barcode And Delivery, Ideal For Promos
300 Units @ £ 280.00 + VAT Or 500 Units @ £ 320.00 + VAT

Links To Our CD Package Prices


CD Manufacturing DigiPakCD Replication supplied in card Digipak with plastic DigiTray, with options to add booklets


CD Replication Album CaseCD Replication supplied in album cases with booklets from 4 to 32 pages & inlays.


CD Printing Disc OnlyCD Replication supplied bulk wrapped or in PVC wallets. Ideal for your own bespoke packaging


takes place in one of the largest CD pressing factories’s in Europe, with a monthly production of 20 million discs. The CD’s are replicated on large pressing machines, using stampers produced from the glass mastering process. This is the type of disc you would buy from HMV and not to be confused with CD duplication.

Because of the complexity in producing a stamper using the glass mastering process, and the time involved in setting up large CD pressing and CD printing machines it is not economical to manufacture CD runs of less than 300 units. For orders below 300 units you will require CD duplication, however this is a service we do not provide as CD-R’s are not universally compatible with all players, unlike the professionally pressed CD’s that we supply.

Many of our clients are new to the CD manufacturing process, so below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the CD production process. You will also find more detailed information on the individual types of CD packaging on the associated product page.

CD Manufacturing & CD Production FAQ’s

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. You will also find more detailed information on the individual types of CD packaging on the associated product page. If you can not find the information you need on our website, feel free to contact us with any questions you have, this is what we are here for.

In the individual CD package rates sections you will find a link to download the specifications and CD templates for the supply of artwork, these are the grey boxes to the right of the prices. We prefer to receive high-resolution PDF artwork files, but can accept artwork in most formats. We advise that you check with us before sending in non-PDF file types to make sure we can accept your files.

If we need to make minor adjustments to artwork for bleed, positioning or adding barcodes, we will normally make these changes free of cost. If a large amount of editing is required to make the artwork fit the specification this may incur additional artwork charges. We will advise you of the cost of any artwork charges before we proceed with CD production.

If we edit your artwork we will provide a full set of PDF proofs for approval. We need an approval of these proofs before we can start CD manufacturing.

If you require colour accurate / contract proofs we can provide these at additional cost. EWe can do A4 and A3 proofs, please contact up for prices. Once you have received the proofs, and you are happy with them, they must be signed and returned to us so they can be used to calibrate the CD printing press.

You will need to allow additional time for us to create the proofs, send them to you, and for you to return them to us. We would normally recommend adding 4 days to the CD Manufacturing turnaround if you require contract proofs.

As all of our CD printing is produced on large printing presses, it is not economical to set the machines up to produce a one-off copy of the printed parts.

The DDP image has quickly become the preferred format for supplying CD masters by professional mastering engineers.

We can accept DDP master delivery over the internet by FTP upload or on disc / USB memory stick. We will require an MD5 checksum file for all DDP Masters. Until we have the MD5 we won’t be able to glass master your project.

Please make sure you have received a reference CD-R or have been supplied appropriate software so you can check your DDP Image prior to supplying to us for glass mastering.

If you are unsure if the CD-Text and ISRC codes been embedded, we can check these are correctly encoded on request.

If you are supplying the master on a CD-R,please use a good brand of disc, write the master “disc at once” at a low-speed, recently we have noticed some brands of disc are performing best at 8 x or 16 x speed. Make sure the disc is free of scratches, dust or fingerprints. Once the master has been written, please listen to the disc all the way through to make sure it is correct. Once the disc has been checked we recommend packing it into either a CD album case or DVD box to protect the disc.

Your CD master will go through an inspection and testing process prior to glass mastering. This process will check that the disc is free from errors due to a writing fault, physical damage or if a disc is not Red Book Standard. If you have added CD Text or ISRC codes to the disc, let us know, and we will check that the information is present on the master.

This inspection will not detect any glitches, skips or distortions that are on the original audio files used to write the master. This is why it is important to check the master all the way through before submitting for CD manufacturing

If you do not have the equipment and software or do not feel confident creating your CD master, we can create a master from your data files. We do make a small charge for this service, this will be between £ 20.00 – £ 30.00 + VAT depending on the number of tracks and if you need CD Text and ISRC codes embedded.

Once we have created your CD master we will send you a CD-R reference disc or files to download so you can check that you are happy with the master. If we are creating your CD master please add 2 – 4 days to the standard turnaround time.

Please note that we do not adjust the EQ or dynamics when creating your master. If you need “creative mastering” with audio enhancements we can recommend various professional mastering studios that we work closely with.

Once we receive your master and artwork to our specifications, CD production time is approximately 14 – 16 days for delivery of your CD pressing in album cases and card wallets, for Digipaks and gatefold wallets allow 16 – 18 days. These are real calendar days and not working days. If you plan on placing an order around bank holidays, Christmas, or the during the summer period lead times may increase depending on demand.

It is important to note that day 1 of production does not start until we have received all artwork and masters, we are unable to place jobs into production until all parts have been received and checked.

If we have to do any editing to your artwork, such as adding bleeds or barcodes, we will need to send you PDF proofs for approval. Until these proofs have been approved we can not commence with the CD manufacturing.

The same principle applies to CD masters, if you require any editing or the addition of CD Text or CD ISRC codes, we will supply you with a reference disc or download to check. We will require approval before we can commence with CD manufacturing.

All of our products are delivered by courier, this can be any time between 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, unfortunately, we are unable to give an exact time of delivery as this will depend on what other deliveries the couriers have in your area that day. If you delivery is coming on a pallet, the couriers will contact you by phone 24 hours prior to delivery to make sure someone will be available to receive the goods.

If no one is available to accept the items on the day of delivery, the courier may charge for re-deliveries. If you need to change the delivery address of your order, we will require the new address 4 days prior to delivery. Once the goods are in transit it may be possible to change the delivery address, however, this may be subject to an additional charge. In some situations we can not change the delivery address for items after despatch.

We can accept payment by bank transfer, cheque (allow 5 days for clearance), debit card, credit card (subject to 3.5% credit card processing fee, debit cards are free of cost).

Once we have checked that your artwork and master are to our specifications we place the job into production and send you an invoice. Please note that we can not despatch your order until we have received full payment.

For orders from Councils, universities, schools and other public organisations, all we need is a purchase order to get your order into production.


If you still can’t find what you need call us on 0161 833 0099 or use the form below to contact us.

The CD & DVD prices on our site are for our most popular products. However we can produce a wide range of other packaging and larger quantities. So whatever you are looking for, we are pretty sure we can supply it.

If you have any technical queries on supplying artwork or masters, one of our team of advisers will be able to answer all of your questions


Some people say picture is worth a thousand words, however we think to appreciate the quality of our DVD & CD manufacturing there is nothing like seeing a sample in your hand.

If you would like us to send you a sample of some our the previous products we have manufactured, please fill in the form at the top of the page and we would be more than happy to send you a sample to check out yourself.

We do this because we are certain that you will be impressed with the quality of our work

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