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CD Printing Services in Manchester, UK

Pure Music Manufacturing are Manchester UK based CD printers who provide CD manufacturing, DVD manufacturing services with a wide range of packaging options. We use the highest quality DVD and CD manufacturing factories in the UK and Europe to provide a low cost, one-stop CD replication service. We offer DVD and CD pressing on all of the major disc production formats in use today. We provide a wide variety of DVD & CD packaging options to give you a professional product delivered to you in the UK, Europe or worldwide.

CD Manufacturing & CD Pressing

CD In Card Wallet

CD WalletsCD Replication supplied in Card Wallet, perfect for promos and singles

CD In Album Case

CD  Replication Album CaseCD Replication supplied in album cases with booklets from 4 to 32 pages & inlays.

CD In Digipak

CD Manufacturing DigiPakCD Replication supplied in card Digipak with plastic DigiTray, with options to add booklets

CD In DigiFile

CD Duplication DigiFileCD Replication in card Digifile with options to add booklets. Plastic free packaging

CD In DigiSleeve

CD Pressing DigiSleeveCD Replication in DigiSleeve with options to add booklets. Plastic free packaging

CD Disc Only

CD Printing Disc OnlyCD Replication supplied bulk wrapped or in PVC wallets. Ideal for your own bespoke packaging

CD Duplication or CD Pressing

All of our manufactured discs are factory pressed from stampers made using the glass mastering process. Our DVD and CD pressings are guaranteed to be compatible with all disc players. We do not produce CD duplication on recordable discs as this type of product does not offer the compatibility of a pressed disc. We have a minimum order of 100 units on all orders undertaken.

Established in Manchester in 1991, we have a vast wealth of experience in DVD & CD pressing, printing, and packaging. Our client base ranges from bands and artists, independent and major record labels, to blue-chip companies, Universities, and Local Authorities. Ultimately our advice is always free so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you want to talk to us about CD & DVD manufacturing or any of the huge array of printing and packaging options available

CD Printing

All of our CD prices include CD printing up to full colour. We use two methods of CD printing, offset-litho, best suited for photographic images, and silk screen CD printing, this offers superior results for solid blocks of colour. If you are not certain which method will work best for you, we will be happy to recommend the best option.

cd printing

CD Packaging

We offer a range of full colour CD packaging to suit your style and budget. The ever popular CD album case is still going strong, we can print CD booklets to go with these from 2 – 32 pages, all paper is sourced from FSC and PEFC “durable management” sources. We also offer a wide variety of CD card packaging, from the cheapest to the not so cheap. CD card wallets offer a great look with low-cost, ideal for singles and promotional products.

Eco Friendly CD Manufacturing

Those with a larger budget looking to make a greater impact will be interested in our card packaging, such as  DigiPaks, DigiFiles and Digileeves. All of our CD card packaging is printed on 70 – 90% recycled board with the rest of the board sourced form FSC and PEFC “durable management” stock.

All CD packaging is printed using organic based inks, derived mainly from soya or rapeseed. If you can’t find the type of packaging you require on our site, let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to quote for you project.

eco cd packaging

CD Production Time

Unlike CD duplication, CD manufacturing can’t be completed in very short time scales. CD masters are thoroughly inspected, then glass mastered. The glass master is electroplated to create the stamper. In the meantime the artwork is checked and sent to the printers, once printed the packaging is allowed to dry and is then cut and folded or glued in the case of card packaging.

Once we know when the printed packaging is going to be delivered to the factory a CD press can be allocated for the disc replication, this way we can time the job to come off press and go to the CD printing line. The disc’s can now go to the packing department to be packed with the printed parts and over-wrapped. The finished product is now packed into cartons ready for dispatch.

As you can see it is not as straightforward as popping a disc in a CD duplicator and pressing a button, this is why we normally require approximately 12 – 16 working days depending on the type of packing and quantity to deliver you a professional CD pressing.

Why is CD Replication superior to CD Duplication?

With the advent of cheap DVD / CD duplication, people have for the first time been able to produce very short run promo copies instead of manufacturing bulk quantity’s of discs, however in recent time there has been a move to sell duplicated discs a commercial product.

We understand that there is a need for cheap DVD or CD duplication services; if you need very fast turnaround or a very limited run this is the best option. If time and budget allows professional CD replication offers the most professional solution, when you are selling or promoting your product. The high quality, consistency and a professional image of your product says everything, and cheap DVD / CD duplication cannot compare to professionally pressed CD or DVD. This is why as a company we have never, or ever will offer  disc duplication, as we know that every CD & DVD we manufacture will be of the highest quality and will last long into the future.



If you still can’t find what you need call us on 0161 833 0099 or use the form on the top of the page to contact us.

The CD & DVD prices on our site are for our most popular products. However we can produce a wide range of other packaging and larger quantities. So whatever you are looking for, we are pretty sure we can supply it.

If you have any technical query’s on supplying artwork or masters, one of our team of advisers will be able to answer all of your questions.


Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words, however, we think to appreciate the quality of our DVD & CD manufacturing there is nothing like seeing a sample in your hand.

If you would like us to send you a sample of some our the previous products we have manufactured, please fill in the form at the top of the page and we would be more than happy to send you a sample to check out yourself.

We do this because we are certain that you will be impressed with the quality of our work

A Brief History Of Pure Music Manufacturing, Established 1991

Pure Music Manufacturing was established in 1991 to meet the demands of the North West music industry. Since then our client base has extended across the country and to cover large areas of Europe. We have a proud history and have worked with some of the largest artists, bands, and record labels in the world.

During the last 24 years we have gained a huge amount of experience in all areas of Vinyl, DVD and CD pressing. Our professional service and advice is the main reason why clients have kept on coming back for all these years. And just to make us feel really old, here are some of the biggest albums from the year it all started….

CD manufacturing