CD Duplication Brighton

CD Duplication Brighton

Pure Music Manufacturing is based in Brighton, UK. They are a CD printing company that provides CD manufacturing and DVD manufacturing services along with many different packaging options. They access the highest quality DVD and CD manufacturing factories in the UK and Europe to provide you with affordable, one-stop CD replication service. Pure Music provides DVD and CD pressing on all major disc production formats and delivers its quality products worldwide.

CD Duplication Brighton Or CD Pressing Brighton

The manufactured discs are factory pressed from stampers that were made using a glass mastering process. This makes the DVD and CD pressings compatible with all current disc players in the marketplace and is guaranteed to work. This is why they do not produce CD replication on recordable discs and the compatibility is not as good as it is with pressed discs. The minimum order is 500 units and to find out more about the CD or DVD duplication service at Pure Music Manufacturing call them today at 0161 833 0099 

CD Printing Brighton

There are two different CD printing methods used by Pure Music. Offset-litho is the choice for photographic images as it does a better job with those. For large blocks of colour, the preferred method is silkscreen CD printing. All of the CD duplication Brighton prices include CD printing up to full colour. If you are not sure which printing method is best for your project, contact Pure Music and they will be pleased to discuss your options based on your needs and budget.

CD Packaging Brighton

At Pure Music Manufacturing, you can access a full range of full-colour CD packaging to fit your style and budget. The most popular is still the CD album case and Pure Music can print CD booklets to be included in this type of packaging from 2 to 32 pages. They also offer various CD card packaging which is not only affordable but also looks professional.

Depending on your budget, they can help you make a huge impact on your project with a card packaging. These include choices such as DigiPaks, DigiFiles, and Digileeves. All of these CD packaging options are printed on 70 to 90% recycled board using organic-based inks that are mostly derived from soya or rapeseed in the printing process.

CD Production Time Brighton

Unlike CD duplication Brighton, CD manufacturing takes a lot more time to complete. This is because CD masters must be inspected and then glass mastered. Electroplating the glass masters follows and is what produces the stamper. While this process is underway, the artwork is created, inspected and forwarded to the printer. From beginning to end, it takes between 12 and 16 working days to complete a CD replication project.

Ask Us For A Sample

For more information about CD or DVD manufacturing services, contact Pure Music Manufacturing today. If you would like to see what one of their finished products looks like, all you have to do is request a sample. They will gladly forward a sample of a recently completed project for you to inspect. When you need CD manufacturing services, contact Pure Music Manufacturing today at 0161 833 0099.