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Check out our blog for detailed information on making CD masters and links to mastering software. What is an ISRC codes? How do you add CD Text? We have articles telling you exactly what you need to know.


Then you will find the techniques for correctly setting up correct colours and bleed for CD printing. From simple covers to CD booklets & Digipacks, get your CD design right first time.

CD Printing


If you are serious about CD Printing you need to know the difference between silk screen & off-set litho disc printing. Looking to create a innovative design, check out our CD printing articles for all the whys and hows to get your ideas to print.






Below you will find DVD & CD printing templates and specifications. The print templates have been compressed into ZIP folders, in the folders you will find PDF & InDesign versions. If you cant find the template you require, please contact us.

CD manufacturing

Notes on using our CD & DVD PDF Printing Templates

Our PDF CD printing documents can be opened by most design packages. If using Photoshop please make sure that the document is set to a minimum of 300 PPI / DPI at the outset. We recommended starting out with the colour mode set to CMYK, if you choose to create the artwork is RGB mode, the file should be converted to CMYK before it is supplied to us.

On the PDF files you will notice the inclusion of blue guides, these are visual guides to help you with laying out files correctly and will need to be removed before you supply the documents to us for print.This applies to all packaging and disc label templates.

If the blue visual guides remain in the printable or bleed area we may reject your files. The only guides we require are the black crop marks that appear on the corners of the templates. The image below on the left shows artwork supplied correctly with no blue visual guides in the print area, the image on the right is incorrect as blue visual guides remain in the print area.

CD manufacturing

Correct, No Blue Guides In Printable Area


Wrong, Blue Guides Are Within Print Area

Understanding the visual guides

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1The inner thick blue band is the No Text Area, we do not recommend having text within this blue band.

2At the outer end of the blue band is a darker blue line, this is the trim area, this where the artwork gets cut out from the sheets.

3Outside of this you will see a blue dotted line, this is the bleed area, any artwork or images that run to the trim area must extend out to meet this blue dotted line. It is important that no important areas of images (like the tops of people heads) are in the area between the trim line and the edge of the bleed area, as this will be cut off. You can find more information about bleed on this link.

CD manufacturing

No Text Area

It is recommended that text is kept out of this area


Trim Area

This is the where the print is trimmed / cut


Bleed Area

Images and backgrounds that go to the trim area must extend out to here

Video tutorial about our PDF templates

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Guidelines on print ready PDF files

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Notes for Indesign and Quark templates.

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CD Printing Templates Disc Only

Download CD Templates

CD Printing Templates Disc Only

Our standard CD’s are printed up to 5 colours, this can be full colour offset litho (CMYK + White Base) or up to 5 Pantone Colours.If you are not sure which method of printing you should use, you can send us a draft of your design and we will advise you on the options available.

CD Printing Pantone Colours

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CD Printing Offset Litho

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Video tutorial about CD Printing

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CD Booklet & Inlay Printing

Download CD Booklet Templates

All of our CD  booklets are printed full colour on all pages as standard. The 4 page – 12 page booklets are printed on 150gsm gloss art, other types of paper and weights are available, however this can increase the price significantly on runs less than 3000 units.

For most standard serif fonts on a single plate we recommend a minimum font size of 4 point, and if on two or more plates a minimum font size of 5 point. For light or condensed fonts the minimum point size will be higher, and this will be dependent on the line thickness of the font.

Download 4 Page Booklet Template
Download 6 Page Booklet Template
Download 8 Page Booklet Template
Download 12 Page Booklet Template

CD Booklet Pagination

For 4 page booklets, the artwork should be supplied as spreads 4+1 & 2+3. For stapled booklets of 8 pages or more that are stapled, art work can be supplied as single pages, printers pairs or readers pairs. If supplying spreads please specify printers or readers pairs in the file name.

Download CD Inlay Templates

Our CD Inlays can be printed full colour on both sides as standard. The inlay has a 6.5mm spines on the left and right hand side. If you are having a barcode it will be printed on the rear of the inlay, barcode position is entirely up to you. We recommend a minimum white box size of 15 x 30mm for barcodes.

See the link below for out detailed blog on CD inlay printing.

CD Card Packaging Templates

Download CD Card Packaging Templates

All our CD & DVD card packaging is printed full (cmyk) colour as standard 4/0.  Our card Wallets are printed on 200g white back card, CD Digipak and CD Gatefold wallets are printed on 330g white back card and come with a choice of a Silk or Gloss finish. On certain Digipaks and Gatefold Card Wallets we can provide a UV Matt or Gloss, or an option to print on the reverse of the board, please contact us to make sure the particular packaging you are design for can be printed on the reverse side of the board.

Note on the inside panels of Digi-style packaging

You will notice on the templates that there is a cut between the two inside panels, this enables the packs to fold correctly. Please note that no artwork will be present in this area and white card will show through. It is also important to note that the vertical cut between the two panels is classed as an edge and therefore will require 3mm bleed towards the centre of the packs.

Digifile Templates

Download 4 Panel Digifile 1 x Slit
Download 4 Panel Digifile 2 x Slit
Download 6 Panel Digifile 1 x Slit
Download 6 Panel Digifile 2 x Slit


Download 4 Panel DigiSleeve 1 x Tube Pocket
Download 4 Panel DigiSleeve 2 x Tube Pockets
Download 6 Panel DigiSleeve 1 x Tube Pocket
Download 6 Panel DigiSleeve 2 x Tube Pockets

4 Panel DigiPak Templates

Download 4 Panel DigiPak (No Booklet)
Download 4 Panel DigiPak 1 x Tube Pocket
Download 4 Panel DigiPak 1 x Slit up-to 16pp Booklet
Download 4 Panel DigiPak 1 x Slit up-to 20-24pp Booklet

6 Panel DigiPak Templates

Download 6 Panel DigiPak (No Booklet)
Download 6 Panel DigiPak 1 x Tube Pocket
Download 4 Panel DigiPak 1 x Slit up-to 16pp Booklet
Download 4 Panel DigiPak 1 x Slit up-to 20-24pp Booklet

Cant find your template or need help?

If you cant find the template you require or if you need any help with regard how to set-up or supply artwork please get in touch.

You can use the form to to the right to contact us or give us a call on 0161 833 0089 and we will do our best to advise you.

You may also find our blog pages a useful source to some of the most frequently asked questions, you will find a link below.

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